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7 skills that can make your pockets big. Have you mastered them?

Working on a side hustle can make around $1,122 per month, working for 12 hours per week. Sounds impressive, right? Since 2021, side hustling has become a growing global trend. If you peep at the statistics, you can see some crazy numbers that 1 in 3 Americans have a side hustle, i.e., 34% of the Americans.

43% of full-time workers and 70% of Gen Z have a side hustle. There are many reasons for the growth of side hustles. Keep that aside, who hates money? We all need it at least once in a lifetime, even if we don’t crave it.

You may be thinking, I'm going to start a side hustle this week, but we are not going to teach you how to create a side hustle but what skills to acquire to start a side hustle. Let’s start.

Skills that can compound your bank balance

1. Graphic Designing

Graphic Designing is a booming industry today as everything you see on your digital devices is made by some incredible graphic designer. And mastering tools can help you become a graphic designer and charge some pennies per project. To become a graphic designer, you must know basic design fundamentals like colors, images, layout, fonts, and other design terminologies. After that, you need to master tools like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and many more. Remember that you don’t become a graphic designer overnight; all it takes is a plate full of practice.

By mastering Graphic designing skills, you can make logos, posters, social media templates, and youtube thumbnails. Above all sky is your limit. You charge at least $5 per logo, and if high ticket client, it could be $500 and $5000 too.

2. Content Writing

Content Writing is another trending skill. As you write content anywhere on anything, i.e., you can sit on a beach, sip your pina colada and make your clients happy. Content writing can help anyone as it improves your written communication. You can write your clients' blogs, essays, emails, newsletters, and newspaper articles and charge them for what to create. But, to learn content writing, you need little mastery of the English language. You can become an expert if you know punctuation, sentence structure, and little creativity.

As bill gates said, content is king, and there is no replacement. All you have to do is be a lifelong learner and improve your writing at every step. Content creation has no limits, and even AI can’t kill it.

3. No Code Web Development

Every business is online today, and websites help brands get more online presence and attract customers. Learning coding can be a mighty task for you right now. So, try Learning how to build No code applications.

Try mastering CMS platforms like WordPress, Wix, and Shopify, where you can learn these platforms in a week or ten days. So just go and try to build a portfolio.

After mastering the skill, you can offer various services for your side hustle, like landing pages, portfolios, and websites for small businesses. Just call the local companies near you and close your first deal.

4. Master Social Media ADS

Have you ever thought about how social media companies make money by offering a free product? It’s from Advertisement. As everyone hangs around social media, companies also find their customers online by investing less.

Learn how platforms work and how their ad technology works. The game is yours. Start with Google & Facebook ads. It’s a growing career option. By mastering this skill, you can become a social media manager or digital marketing specialist.

Visit the local institutes and dental clinics, and offer some of your AD campaign services. You can make at least $100 on each client you work for and even charge a little extra commission on every lead you generate.

5. Video Editing

Are you watching movies, youtube, or at least Instagram videos? They all have an editor, or the creator has mastered video editing skills. Video Editing skills can make videos sharper and more exciting. You can edit youtube videos and corporate ads and work for local short films by learning video editing.

6. Sales

Sales is the heart of any business. Most successful entrepreneurs around the globe say Sales is a skill every entrepreneur must master. Why Sales? As every company needs sales to increase its revenues.

If you have a myth that sales are about knocking on every door and begging to buy, you have a wrong idea about sales. Post covid even the sales industry had a shift; now they call it “Remote Sales.”

Where you can book your client appointments on calendly, have a meeting on zoom, send your invoice from hello bonsai, and get your payments through Razorpay.

If you feel full-time sales is complex, turn yourself into a commission-based salesperson, where you get a piece of revenue from every deal, you close. So go for it.

7. Photography

If you are a person who loves capturing moments in photos, then you can pick a career as a photographer. All you need is a camera and an understanding of the techniques.

There are many options. You can become food, nature, or a candid photographer in photography. Pick your niche and just work on it and find your clients.

Learning has no end; those who become wealthy, successful, and happy are those who never stop learning and make themselves lifelong learners. So, it’s your time to choose your battle and work on it with total commitment and drive.


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