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How to promote your restaurant on social media: Content ideas in 2022

Days are gone for mouth marketing. Even if you serve delicious food, people still look at your google & yelp reviews. They look at your social media presence and the content you produce. It’s time to promote your restaurant like a pro.

Social media allows restaurants to test their ideas, collect feedback on their service, and do more via posts, stories, and reels. This blog post will share some of the best marketing tips, strategies, and live cases that you can try for your restaurant, cafe, or anything that sells yummy food.

Why is social media needed for your restaurant?

Most of us might think about how social media impacts your restaurant? You would say our restaurant serves delicious food and the best service in the town. But see where your audience is hanging out. It’s on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram or video streaming platforms like youtube or TikTok.

According to google trends, a Higher percentage of Indian users search more for Instagram reels than the significant competitor TikTok.

But, managing your social media campaigns for the restaurant is challenging as running your restaurant. You must produce high-quality content, be consistent, and resolve your customer’s problems. That’s where HeiDigi can help you. We have experience creating social media content and managing your social profiles.

Above all, we build a concrete social media brand that people talk about daily. If you are a restaurant, let’s grab a coffee.

Here are some attractive benefits you get from being on social media.

  • First of all, it helps your restaurant brand improve its brand awareness. There are 3 billion + people using social media across the globe.

  • People love to hear from humans and love human interactions. Being on social media can helps you to improve your customer relations and even solve their issues quickly.

  • It helps you get more reach and stand where ever you want.

For a successful digital marketing approach, you need to follow a multi-channel approach, i.e., you should be on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. But, if you got little pockets and little time, we recommend you stick to a few platforms like Facebook & Instagram.

4 Ideas for your social media marketing

1. The golden rule for social content

Everyone loves to follow their favorite celebrities on social media, but why should they like and follow your business?. Here comes the golden rule of social media success for every business.

Just take a look at your daily interactions with your digital devices.

1. Education posts (News, blogs, Facts)

2. Entertaining content (Memes, Roast videos, movie scenes, celebrity interviews).

The golden rule is that you as a business either educate or entertain your audience. Choose your game.

2. Gamify your social media content

Gamification is the popular content trend that’s getting popular daily as humans love games and having fun. Businesses producing content tease your audience’s brain for a while, making them stick to your brand and engage for a long time.

Too much gamification makes your content monotonous. So be clear when to post. You can even run contests and create personalized coupons for people commenting or answering the correct answer.

Mcdonald’s is a brand that engages with gamification in its social media post.

3. Share more User Generated Content (UGC)

People love content that comes from humans, that involves humans sharing some user-generated content like testimonials, behind the scenes, or just coming to life and speaking to your audience.

Here is an example from the famous biriyani restaurant paradise sharing some behind-the-scenes.

4. Keep up with the trend

Finally, never miss an opportunity to stay on trend and create content. It includes memes and dialogues. Understand your business tone and be on-trend. Even movie dialogues can make it more powerful.

Here is a snippet of a post from Faasos using shark tank India for their memes, and this is a classic example of keeping up with the trend.

Finally, creating content doesn’t end your social media marketing; you need to learn, read your customer’s comments, and improve.

Never feel bad about receiving wrong feedback. Your job is to improve your trust with your audience and never overdo and never try something you can’t handle.


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