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About Us

HeiDigi is a growth-driven digital marketing agency started by young and dynamic entrepreneurs. Purpose is to create a wonderful experience in digital arena. We believe every business deserves a digital presence and we support you to achieve it. we help businesses to achieve greater heights. Majority of the world leads a digital life today; we create your life in the digital world. We deliver solutions that help you to improve your business and your digital success in affordable, measurable, and effective context.

Our Mission

The Mission of HeiDigi is to be world’s leading Digital Marketing agency, providing a platform for all businesses. We create quantized digital marketing Experience through Effective, Adaptable and Affordable means. We Entice the world for your business and create AI based analytical scouts. We help your soul of your business reach your business mates, in the right time and right marketplace.

Our Vision

To Make businesses go viral and to facilitate digital marketing experience for all business owners

Our Values



We are followers of deeper meaning of life than just rushing or running behind something. We believe all other things follow, if we follow our passion.


Quality Obsession

Some OCD’s (Obsessive Compulsory Disorder) are good for all, we also have one Obsession to deliver quality, ofcourse in given time lines. We agree upon that fact and hope you also understand the same.

10X service

10X service

We are souls with high self-respect and we understand the law of admiration. People respect those who live above the expectations and we push ourselves to achieve all the time. So, Your service is our self-image

Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction

To be in the business, we need to keep our customer in the business. We always believe a happy customer becomes a client for lifetime. We always put your satisfaction as customer in first place, rest are time driven.



No matter what, if world is balanced. its not because of money but the principles and morals it applies as a regression. We claim to be on the positive side of it.

The Team Synergy

The Team Synergy

A person can create turbulence, but a team can create a positive avalanche. We are a team of positive enthusiasts that started our journey to drift the world towards digital. Our team is our strength and our synergy is a digital rampage.

Our Team &

Advisory Board

Our team feed themselves, with our vision and value of the customer , and we are helping our customers with our innovative solutions 

M.S.A Srivatsava


Satish Kanchi

CEO, OnePos

Uday Baineni




CFO, Birla edutech

Ganesh Bachu

Digital strategist

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