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18 Powerful Graphic design resources you must know right now.

Graphic designing is an art, and a graphic designer is an artist. Artists can't produce great art without great tools; they need brushes, paints, and canvases. Like that, graphic designers with powerful resources can create fabulous designs.

.This article will discuss those resources that are free to use that most graphic designers never know about. The resources include images, fonts, and other crazy stuff. So get ready for some fantastic ride through this blog.

We recommend bookmarking the websites and resources in your browser so you can look at them later when you read this blog.

Resources for photos & Vector graphics

Visuals are one thing that captures everyone's attention, so it's essential to use the best and most eye-catching images for your work. This section will share resources from vectors to icons, photos, and graphics to make your work fantastic.

Freepik is a one-stop solution for everything if you are a graphic designer.

Where you can find millions of photos and illustrations, Freepik even introduced fonts in their premium version. It has much free work to download, but we recommend purchasing a premium version as it is worth buying; we assure you won't regret it.

Pricing: Premium

You'll find stunning and creative stock photography on Unsplash, shot and selected by a collective of photographers. These photos can be modified and distributed freely.

Pricing: Free

Pexels is another image treasure that helps you find high-quality images and videos that might fit your creative ideas. There are no limitations for you; above all, it's free to use.

Pricing: Free

Pixabay is another similar website to pexels but even got video footage and high-quality images. You can download quality footage, music, and even little illustrations for free and use them in your commercial work.

Pricing: Free

Resources for illustrations

Humaaans is one of the craziest illustration sites designed by Pablo Stanley. It is a free library of mix & match illustrations of people; on this website, you customize the colors, positions, and even hairstyles to create incredible scenes.

Pricing: Free

Over 1,500 high-quality illustrations are indexed on FREE WEB ILLUSTRATIONS. The search engine indexes free illustrations that can be used in both commercial and non-commercial projects.

Vecteezy is the most extensive library with thousands of illustrations you can use in your creative projects. Most of the files are free to download based on the creative license.

Pricing: Premium

Interfacer is the collection of high-quality design resources created by the most talented designers around the globe. You can use all of the resources for your commercial projects too.

Pricing: Free

With Streamline, you can customize vector illustrations to match your branding colors in seconds. It is the world's largest and most inclusive illustration pack, with 45 themes, three styles, and 3,000 images. To improve the user experience and onboarding experience, add illustrations to mobile apps to make them more understandable.

Pricing: Premium

Resources for Icons

Flat Icon is a platform that provides millions of icons for free, so you can use them for your personal and commercial projects.

Pricing: Free

The noun project has Basic and premium versions and thousands of rich web icons you can download without hassle. Icons on the Noun project are free to use but need attribution.

Pricing: Basic free, Premium

Resources for Fonts

Google Fonts is a free font website built by Google. This website allows you to download hundreds of fonts for free. We suggest using these fonts for web design.

Pricing: Free

Fontspace is a font directory with more than 90,000 fonts on its platform and 70,000 + commercial fonts. These fonts are well categorized, so you can quickly find the right font for your project. You can see the font preview, but use the filter "For commercial use only."

Pricing: Free

Font Squirrel organizes fonts from other websites and provides links to them, differentiating them from the other websites on the list. The fonts are available in TTF and OTF formats for free commercial use.

Unfortunately, you can't get a font preview as you get in google fonts and font space.

The Dafont Website is one of the oldest and most reliable sources for fonts. They offer more than 60,000 fonts on their site. Filtering in this vast library can be challenging for all.

Pricing: Free

Resources for Design Inspiration

Pinterest is the second most popular image-based social media website on the internet. It is an excellent source for finding creative work and inspiration for your graphic design projects.

Dribbble is a social media for creatives and designers. You can find tons of qualified work from eminent designers across the world.

Behance is a designer network platform that Adobe owns. You can get inspiration from expert creators and designers. It can be an excellent tool for discovering some fantastic work.

Knowing the right graphic design resources can make a great design. We hope these resources can help you improve the productivity and quality of designs. If you are looking for more content like this, subscribe now.


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