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7 Marketing tactics for building your Gym brand in 2022

The COVID 19 pandemic has haunted the gyms and fitness clubs' businesses for years. And a few even created opportunities too. You would have applied tons of strategies, from keeping up WhatsApp statuses to even trying Facebook paid ads. Still, nothing seems to be working for you, right?

Here we are for you; we have skimmed a few marketing strategies that helped our gym clients to get clients and improve their brand engagement and positioning.

Let's strengthen your marketing too.

As Covid 19 made us rethink picking up a local influencer, contacting a digital marketing agency, or even running ads on social media platforms. And it's time for us to create a brand strategy that's cost-effective, organic, and drives a more interest-based audience.

Before reading the rest of the article, let us share a harsh reality: "Never stop investing in marketing." You may be spending less money but never stop investing and running your marketing campaigns.

1. Communication, communication is everything.

Covid separated everyone physically and increased our social distance and communication. As a business, you should communicate with your customers by any communication channel, from sending an email to creating content. Every practice matters. Reach out where your customers are hanging out and communicate from there.

2. Engage, Educate and Entertain.

The core goal of creating social media content is to get more engagement and connect with your audience. The secret sauce for creating successful business pages is to create educational or entertainment content.

Please look at cult fit's YouTube and social media channels to understand how they create stunning content and market their products.

Start with some branding content and share fitness diet tips to generate customer testimonials and Instagram reels; every piece of content matters. Check out our portfolio and look at our clients' branded content we made.

3. Focus on Local SEO

Every gym wants to stay top on Google, and our clients even ask us to put them on top of the search. We need to put in that little effort to make your business feel more local.

Ask your customers to drop their feedback on Google and Facebook reviews, reply to every feedback or problem and give them an honest reply. Always be human, solve customer problems and finally, stay consistent.

4. Data-Driven Decisions matter.

Reach out to your social media channels and learn about your customers and their interactions. The advantage of data is that it helps us create better content, increases our ROI, and even creates new opportunities for our brand.

5. Create Digital Services and highlight them.

There is always an opportunity to do a business. As Covid made all of us feel, health is our top priority. There is value in investing in fitness. It’s your time to use it. You need to create digital services, market them, and sell them. It could be digital Zumba, yoga or aerobics, or even consulting. Please make use of them.

6. Share Success Stories

Trust is everything. As a business, you need to gain and build trust. Sharing customer testimonials and success stories can significantly impact building value and making a successful purchase decision.

Check out how HealthifyMe is building a customer-centric brand with its marketing campaigns.

7. Do Target-based & Personalized advertising.

Your ads must be personalized to your customer's problems and provide solutions for them. For example, if your audience is interested in weight loss, create content, run ads based on them, and target those interested.

The whole summary of this blog is straightforward: create more user-generated and branded content, market them, stay consistent on social media and build your brand by understanding what your customers want. Looking to apply strategies to your gym? We can help you in making your marketing dreams happen. Book your free consulting call today.


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