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What is Whatsapp Cloud API: A complete guide for beginners to start

Source : Meta News

Whatsapp announced its WhatsApp cloud API globally to all businesses. Now it’s available to all. Mark Zuckerberg said at the event of the conversation, “ The best business experiences are meet people where they are. With Cloud API, it’s possible.

With the WhatsApp Cloud API from Meta, businesses now can provide their customers with tailored experiences. But, what is WhatsApp cloud API? How does it benefit business owners? Don’t worry; we will answer all your queries.

What is API? ⚙

Before getting to know Whatsapp cloud API, try to understand what API is and how it works?

API is nothing but “Application Programming Interface” which connects two software applications and allows them to talk to each other.” A waiter in a restaurant is an example of an API where a waiter takes your order and shares it with the chef to cook the dish we asked for.

WhatsApp did not allow businesses direct access to WhatsApp Business API before the announcement of WhatsApp Cloud API. For the approval of WhatsApp API, you had to go through one of a hundred plus WhatsApp Business Solution Providers but not anymore.

WhatsApp API is a cloud-based version of the company’s developer tool, WhatsApp business API. It supports medium & large businesses to grow their customer experiences.

Features of Cloud API 🌟

  • It allows businesses and developers to build directly on WhatsApp to customize their experience.

  • In addition to eliminating costly server expenses, WhatsApp says the new service will give them instant access to new features.

  • It will provide new customizable click-chat links to help businesses attract customers online.

Difference between Whatsapp business app & WhatsApp Business API 🤔

Most people confuse identifying the difference between the Whatsapp business app & WhatsApp business API. Here, we will make it simple.

WhatsApp business app is an application for small business owners to improve their customer engagement. This app is available on the play store and app store. Only one person can use this application.

WhatsApp Business API is tailored for large enterprises. Whatsapp business API powers companies’ communication all around the world.

Whatsapp business API is designed for companies that get a large volume of messages were more than a single person is involved, which a WhatsApp business app can’t handle.

Whatsapp business API is best for call center support for medium & large business that handles large audiences. But, the WhatsApp API is now premium as free features are limited as you grow, and you will be charged. The core of API is to achieve automation, be limitless, and support unlimited users and devices.

Suppose you are a business looking to improve your customer support and create a next-level business experience. In that case, WhatsApp cloud API can be your business solution. What is stopping you? Check out the latest features available on Whatsapp cloud API today.


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