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How to kick writer's block and write a strong copy

Being a writer can be much fun where you deep dive into your creative zone and write some fantastic pieces, but this fun gets a complete stop until you get writer’s block.

You could be a successful copywriter in the room, or you may be an amateur; it doesn’t matter; everyone would have experienced this writer’s block.

Many writers quit writing or discontinue for a long time when they hit writer’s block and get back to work until they get the inspiration back. You don’t have to because you are reading the article from heidigi.

What is writer’s block? Why does it occur?

Writer’s block is a condition writers face to produce a new piece of work or a creative shutdown.

There are many reasons why a writer faces writer’s block. Here we have listed a few; take a look at them.

You are a perfectionist.

Perfectionism is good sometimes, but it becomes an enemy to creators when you feed yourself more. We all write our draft as readers should appreciate it. But, each time you hit backspace on your draft, your creativity makes a backstep. After a few trails and erasers, your friend, writer’s block, will say hi.

You don’t understand the goals.

Most copywriters are good at writing but sometimes miss clarity about their projects. Goals give us clarity for why we are writing something and what are the expected outcomes. If you are confused, then writer’s block will meet you.

You are under too much pressure.

Anything done under pressure or in stressful conditions doesn’t produce great results. Imagine you are writing a web copy for a client, then accidentally, your pc goes into trouble, and your work stops.

After a few days, your calendar notification says today is your deadline. What’s your initial response? You immediately run to a computer repair store and request them to fix your pc. once that’s set, you start your work using your productivity skills. You either produce a lousy copy or are stuck at deadlines drinking too much caffeine.

So, working under stressful and pressure conditions may give you writer’s block.

Your past work is pushing you back.

Your work can become your enemy too. As you crave perfection or your copy competes with the present manuscript. You may not be a satisfied person when you produce a document; you compare it with existing work. So, you are stuck there frustrated and biting your nails.

Are you done? No, you got us on your screen. Here are some tips to kick your writer’s block like a soccer ball.

Five tips to say bye to your writer’s block

1. Get out of the stressful environment.

Do you know where Nikola Tesla got his ideas for inventions? It’s when he is walking in the park. Not just Tesla but many creatives got their ideas when they were out of their workbench. So, when you are under pressure or feel stuck, wear your running shoes and walk.

Love music? Plug in your earphones, enjoy the breeze, take deep breaths, relax, and sing. Above all, design a peaceful mindset. Doing this might give you new ideas or kill your stress.

2. Check your competitor’s stuff.

As Jack ma said, competitors are our friends; they help us learn. When you are stuck, just check what your competition is doing. It might even allow you to understand the work and stay with industry trends.

3. Be Open and Free

Free writing can be a great tool if you have zero thoughts. But, keep the ground rule in mind. You are allowed to write anything that comes to your mind. No place for perfectionism and no corrections even.

Just try this activity. You will start getting ideas from somewhere without connecting with the main idea. Don’t try to judge your thoughts, don’t criticise them, not even grammar.

4. Reach your Network

Reach out to the expert group and your coworkers for some great ideas, as teamwork can be an excellent idea for getting rid of writer’s block.

By Meeting your network, there are many benefits around them.

  • Get tips, actionable items and tools to write better.

  • See your concept with the eyes of other people

  • Find your strengths and weakness

5. Reward Yourself

Reward always boosts our dopamine levels. It could be candy or trophies in a cricket match; getting rewarded makes us feel better and more confident. The goal is to motivate ourselves in any situation.

Let’s say you love movies, your writer’s block made you watch many movies and what’s the end, you are distracted, and your work is pending. What if you say to yourself, “If I finish this article, I will watch a movie,” and once you finish the article, watch a movie.

By rewarding yourself, you are motivated towards work, and it pushes your productivity and makes you feel do more. So, go and create a reward system.

Time to switch the tab and work on your writing piece. These five instant and result-oriented tips can break your writer’s block. So, stop complaining about writer’s block and keep practising; you will see the results.


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